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Sales and Use Tax

State and local governments across the United States continuously look for revenue streams to fund their programs and operations and sales taxes and use taxes on products and services are a popular option. Tax-revenue-hungry state and local governments have created a complex patchwork of sales-and-use tax laws that are hard for even sophisticated businesses to fathom and follow.

A Growing Problem. State and local governments are stepping up their enforcement programs to increase the revenue streams that their sales-and-use-tax programs should be capturing. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that since the Supreme Court’s 2018 South Dakota v Wayfair decision, which eliminated the physical-presence requirement to collect sales tax from an out-of-state seller, many states have increased their remote sales-tax-enforcement initiatives. With even brick-and-mortar retailers now selling online, more people than ever face sales-tax issues and risks.

An Ounce of Prevention. Don’t risk a sales-and-use tax liability. If you are a sole proprietor, a business owner, or a corporate compliance officer selling goods and services in multiple jurisdictions, you need solid legal advice. Contact the tax lawyers at the IRS Help Attorneys to review your compliance before you get notice of a sales-tax audit. As a former budget analyst for Maryland’s Prince George’s County, Beverly Winstead knows how government finances work. Her team of IRS Help Attorneys can review your sales-and-use-tax compliance to estimate your exposure risk before a substantial tax liability accrues.

Audit Assistance. Another key service that the IRS Help Attorneys at The Law Office of Beverly Winstead, LLC supply is to represent you in your sales-tax audits. Any tax audit can be a frightening prospect, especially one that could conclude that you should have been collecting and paying substantial sales taxes on goods and services. The IRS Help Attorneys can assist you in gathering, organizing, and presenting the documentation required in a sales-tax audit. They can also analyze and argue the correct application of sales-tax and use-tax provisions that auditors may be only too willing to misapply.

Other Services. Sales-and-use-tax compliance-and-exposure reviews, and audit assistance, are just two of the proactive services the tax attorneys at The Law Office of Beverly Winstead, LLC provide. They can assist with reverse audits and claims for sales tax refunds when you may have paid over sales-and-use taxes that you do not owe. The IRS Help Attorneys can also prepare appeal presentations and arguments before boards of equalization that have valued your property beyond its worth, requiring you to overpay property taxes.

Retain Expert Representation. Don’t leave yourself exposed to crippling sales-and-use-tax assessments. Retain a sales-tax expert from the IRS Help Attorneys at The Law Office of Beverly Winstead, LLC before you receive an audit notice, or certainly when you do. The large number and wide variety of sales-and-use tax laws can confuse even sophisticated businesses. Call The Law Office of Beverly Winstead, LLC now at (301) 306-1234 or contact the firm online for a sales-and-use-tax exposure review or audit assistance.



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