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Opinion Letters

The opinion letter is a formal letter drafted by an attorney; the aim is to verify the legal status of either you or your business. An attorney’s opinion letter can also address questions raised by other professionals. In other words, opinion letters provide an authoritative basis for opinions, reports, and matters where other professionals are unable (professionally) to make judgments.

Some situations that might require an opinion letter include:

  • Verifying a person’s residency status.
  • Validating a company or organization
  • Analysis of licensing regulations and how they apply to a business
  • Advise on risk level of borrowing capital to fund your business
  • Advice for other legal issues your business faces


Experienced Business Tax Advice

Whether you’re seeking funding from the bank or trying to establish residency and an independent third party legal opinion is being requested, you need an experienced lawyer to handle these matters. Attorney Beverly Winstead is an award-winning tax attorney and a law professor with extensive experience guiding businesses and nonprofits through the intersection of business and tax law. At The Law Offices of Beverly Winstead, our attorneys offer advice and counsel on a wide range of business and tax matters, setting you and your business up for success. Call us at 301-306-1234 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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